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Manual D Duct Design


Manual D is the method used to determine the overall duct layout and appropriate sizes in HVAC design. Once you know how much heating and cooling you need, what equipment you have, and how you will distribute the air, you can design the best and most efficient duct system. It is very important to make sure the right amount of air gets to the right room. 

When your ductwork is properly designed with Manual D performed by Greenwise Energy Calculations, you can rest assured that efficiency and effectiveness have been maximized for your system.

Greenwise Energy Calculations specializes in precise results and flexible turnaround times. When it comes to Manual D duct design, Greenwise Energy Calculations is the #1 provider in Northeast Florida and South Georgia.

Manual D Duct Design

 Greenwise Energy Calculations takes into consideration many things when designing a duct system with Manual D. Manual J testing is just one of the many components which also include:

  • The layout of your home from your floorplans
  • Manual J load calculation results to ensure the correct heating and cooling is supplied to each room.
  • Make sure supply registers and returns are the correct size.
  • Properly sized main plenum based on calculations in order to reduce noise.


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