Duct Seal Testing

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Duct Seal Testing

A duct system test uses one of several methods to force air through the duct system under pressure and measure the airflow at different locations within the system. By comparing pressure and flow rates, the test is able to determine the total amount of air leakage and the location of any leaks in the system. Using these results, Greenwise Energy Calculations can recommend the best, most efficient and cost-effective solutions for you.

Professional duct sealing is often recommended.  The experts at Greenwise Energy Calculations will make a thorough inspection of your full duct system in order to assess all the areas that need sealing. We then professionally seal these leaks with the highest quality materials for long-lasting seals. Once finished, we retest to make sure no areas have been missed.

Greenwise Energy Calculations specializes in precise results and flexible turnaround times. When it comes to duct seal testing, Greenwise Energy Calculations is the #1 provider of reliable, accurate and affordable duct seal tests in Northeast Florida and South Georgia.

Benefits of Duct Seal Testing and Repairing

  • Increased energy efficiency.
  • Create a safer environment by reducing germs, dust, moisture and allergens.
  • Improved comfort in living and work spaces.
  • Shorten the time to heat or cool a building.
  • Save money on utilities.
  • Reduce environmental air pollution by minimizing the amount of required energy to cool or heat your building or home.


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