Manual S Equipment Selection

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Manual S Equipment Selection


Many permit offices, Energy Star and LEED require that after an HVAC designer has completed the Manual J load calculation to determine the heating and cooling needs of the home, that the designer needs to size the physical HVAC equipment based on the manufacturer OEM data for the building’s specific design conditions. Additionally, if a building is undergoing additions or alterations, code compliance may be necessary if new heating and cooling systems are being installed.

Manual S ensures your heating and cooling equipment is properly sized and will maintain the required air comfort conditions calculated by Manual J load calculation results. Manual S also verifies the heating and air conditioning system has enough blower power to move the required amount of air through the duct system. The experts at Greenwise Energy Calculations have the experience and knowledge of how to interpret the manufacturer’s equipment data which is essential to accurate HVAC sizing.

Greenwise Energy Calculations specializes in precise results and flexible turnaround times. When it comes to Manual S equipment selection, Greenwise Energy Calculations is the #1 provider in Northeast Florida and South Georgia.

Manual S Is Important Because…

  • An undersized system will not meet comfort requirements.
  • Oversized equipment can increase mold growth which for some can cause allergies and respiratory issues.
  • Oversized systems can create hot and cold spots between rooms because the thermostat reads satisfied but the actual room is not.
  • Humidity control can be degraded in the hotter months. Something Florida residents do not want!
  • Oversized equipment can cause excessive starting and stopping causing increased wear and tear and maintenance costs.


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