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Blower Door Testing

Blower door tests are required to be performed by an approved 3rd party before the Certificate of Occupancy, is issued on new builds.

But what is a blower door test? Put simply, a blower door is a diagnostic tool used to measure how much air filters out of your house or building. The blower door allows us to apply consistent and measurable pressure to the building so that they can be compared accurately.

We set up the blower door in an outer door facing outward, to depressurize your home or building. Then we systematically move about the space setting up the building for the test. The test requires a few parameters be set to get accurate results. Once we are done with the walkthrough, we begin the test. Depending on the size of your home or building, the test takes roughly 2-4 hours.

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Blower Door Testing Code Requirements


Per Florida Building Code sections R402.4.1.2 and R104.5, a mandatory blower door test must be performed by either individuals as defined in Section 553.993(5) or (7), F.S. or individuals licensed as set forth in Section 489.105(3)(f), (g), or (i) or an approved third party.

Each building must have 7 air changes per hour (7 ACH50) or less in order to successfully pass the Blower Door test.

Blower Door tests simulate the wind blowing against a building at 20 miles per hour, in which case the total volume of air within the house would be exchanged with outside air 7 times. The 20mph wind is equivalent to 50 Pascals (Pa) of pressure difference. A Blower Door Fan simulates these conditions during a test.

All buildings are tested at 50 Pa pressure difference to allow for comparisons to be made between homes/structures, no matter the size or plan type. In the State of Florida, buildings which comprise of 3 stories or less must follow the building code with respect to these tests.

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