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Manual J Calculations

Manual J calculations are used to determine the heating and cooling loads of a home or building, and the capacity of HVAC equipment needed. 

As an HVAC design and consultation company, Greenwise Energy Calculations offers fast and accurate assessments of residential and commercial properties to achieve the most cost-effective solution for homeowners, builders, engineers, HVAC companies, and architects.

We specialize in precise results and flexible turnaround times to help residents and professionals alike achieve the best outcome. When it comes to Manual J, Greenwise Energy Calculations is the #1 provider of reliable, accurate and affordable Manual J calculations in Northeast Florida and South Georgia.

Manual J Calculations

The HVAC load for your residential or commercial property depends on a number of factors to determine its energy needs. It is critical to accurately calculate these various measures in order to generate a solution to provide the best balance between affordability and efficiency. A few of these considerations include:

  • Climate of your region — The general climate of your area plays a large role in determining your building’s heating and cooling costs. 
  • Square footage — Your home’s or building’s square footage helps establish a starting point for choosing the correct HVAC system.
  • Height of space — In addition to the square footage of the area, we need to know how much height and depth to account for.
  • Insulation grade — The amount of insulation in a building impacts energy transference within the property.
  • Number of windows — Buildings with more windows require additional power to retain a consistent temperature.
  • Window air tightness — The type of window panes and quality of the window seals play a large role in calculations.

Greenwise Energy Calculations takes all this and additional considerations into account when doing Manual J calculations for your home or commercial space. Accurate measures mean the best and most efficient systems will be put into place.

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